The Angelastri law firm provides legal advice to companies operating in a range of complex sectors such as the construction industry, food, IT, textiles and mechatronics. The firm’s practice areas vary from corporate and litigation to M&A and venture capital, from assistance to start-ups to the use and protection of intellectual property and insolvency procedures. The firm combines the organisation and efficiency levels of a large-scale law firm with the individual, personalised client relations typical of a boutique law firm. For the firm, it is essential to share goals and results with our clients. The firm’s principals can be summed up thus: Clarity, Outstanding Performance and Speed. Clarity because right from the start we use easily understood language with our clients. Outstanding performance because our clients’ goals are the same as ours; we are strategic partners for our clients and not just a cost item. Fees are commensurate with the results achieved. Speed time is an essential resource for our clients. Every request for contact time and advice is expedited in a pre-agreed timeframe .

In the field of company law, the Firm offers its clients both extrajudicial and judicial assistance.
With reference to extrajudicial activity, the Firm offers assistance in the drawing up of company statutes, shareholders' agreements, corporate governance, choice of the legal form of the company that best suits the client's needs.
The Firm assists national and international clients in extraordinary transactions such as mergers, demergers, acquisitions of holdings or companies, group reorganizations. As part of the judicial activity, the Firm assists its clients from the pre-litigation phase, evaluating together with the client the evaluation of the costs and benefits of the trial solution in comparison with out-of-court solutions that may be practicable.
The Firm assists its clients in corporate litigation both before ordinary judicial authorities and arbitrations.

Attorney Leonardo Angelastri

The founder of , he graduated cum laude at the first valid session in law with a specialisation in Corporate Legislation from University.
Since his first professional experience, he has worked in the fields of company law, IP and insolvency law.
His first professional experience was in a boutique law firm where he completed the corporate and bankruptcy law start-up stage, in addition to dealing with intellectual property law.
Subsequently he practised in one of the most important Italian law firms, dealing with corporate, IP and insolvency law.
He has written several articles, including in English, published in portals specialising in corporate and insolvency law, IP and company funding other than from banks.
He co-authored a book for a prestigious publisher dedicated to the new security agreements covering corporate financing.

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